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OCtober 17, 2020          Jumping online Learning hurdles

December 12, 2020        Managing Prolonged stress & anxiety

december 19, 2020        Show Me the money

january 23, 2021          College road trip

March 6, 2021               Pennies to Prosperity

October 17, 2020

Jumping Online Learning Hurdles

The pandemic has caused us to rely more now on technology than ever before. Being able to have some strategies for online learning is critical. Parents are now supervising remote learning to keep their children on target for academic success. Join this discussion to gain some tips for managing online learning.

December 12, 2020

Managing Prolonged Stress & Anxiety 

When the pandemic, hit the United States several months ago, who knew the ramifications would last this long and uproot the lives of so many families. Everyone feels the effects of the pandemic but we have to work through the challenges to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. Learn how to help your children and yourselves weather the storm of the coronavirus.

December 19, 2020

Show Me The Money

With the rising costs of college tuition, families are faced with some difficult financial decisions. In light of COVID-19, and any increased financial burdens on families, it is even more critical to know what options and resources are available in planning for college. Learn about how to supplement what school guidance counselors provide. Find out where the money is.

January 23, 2021

College Road Trip

Going through the college application process can seem daunting and impossible to maneuver, and the current pandemic has brought additional challenges to overcome. Don’t get frustrated. Get help. Join us for an informative session on the college application process.

March 6, 2021

Pennies to Prosperity (Ages 14-25)

In this exclusive session, you will learn how to start building wealth at an early age. It’s never too early to start developing good money habits. Understanding the importance of earning, budgeting, effective saving, spending, and investing will be discussed. Find out what is passive versus active wealth creation, and if you have talent, see how you can turn your talents into money. Join us and start your path to financial prosperity.


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Sessions will be held on Zoom AT 11:00AM